June 7, 2016

Weight: 264 BMI: 33.9

Total Weight Loss: 39 pounds

juice rebootNo change today. Another hot / warm day ahead and a lot of work on my plate.  Guess that’s a good thing 🙂

When I originally watched the documentary Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, I remember Joe Cross saying something like he didn’t really like the taste of meat after a while. Maybe Phi said it as well, I can’t remember for sure.  So, a weird thing is happening for me as well. For the last couple of weeks I have been eating two boiled eggs every morning in order to supplement my protein intake. The last two mornings I have NOT enjoyed the eggs very much at all. I don’t know if the thought of eating baby chicks or just that all this juice has changed my palate, but I was actually quite grossed out this morning.

I guess I’ll just drop the eggs all together and double up on my plant-based protein drink 🙂

I just had a visit from two friends, Pat & Sharla.  Thanks for the bag of mixed veggies – they’ll be in my juice later today 🙂  It seems their whole family is also choosing a healthier lifestyle, with their two daughters, Ravah & Pebbles leading the way 🙂

June 4, 2016

Weight: 269 BMI: 34.54

Total Weight Loss: 34 pounds

weight gainYIKES!  That pound I lost yesterday?  Well, it’s back. So, I went back to the forums at the Reboot with Joe website and found that yes, this does happen occasionally.  I was really hoping to hit 250 by the end of June, but this is starting to look further away now. That would mean I would need to lose another 19 pounds in the next 26 days.  I guess it’s still possible, but when I have a day like today, it seems even further away.

Trying not to whine here lol.

I just found this article – very encouraging 🙂  Do I seem a bit manic?

Tomorrow I start week 6 🙂