May 28, 2016

Weight: 271 BMI: 34.79

Total Weight Loss: 32 pounds

A couple of big milestones today!

First of all, I just dropped 3 lbs. in one day. Why? Two possible reasons.

  1. I drank a lot more water than usual yesterday. I don’t know why it’s so hard to remember to drink a lot of water, but I really need to pay attention to this.
  2. Yesterday I also had a (more) successful coffee enema.

Today I resolve to do the same 🙂

Another milestone. Reaching 271 lbs. puts me at the same weight I was exactly 10 years ago. That is when I visited the Philippines the first time. Of course I was still over-weight at that time.

And finally, the other milestone.  Losing weight of course drops the BMI (Body Mass Index) and today I moved from being “Severely Obese” to just being “Obese“. It’s hard to type these words about yourself, but who am I kidding? I’ve been a fat pig most of my adult life, but I’m now headed in the right direction 🙂  The BMI change occurred when I went below 35, as indicated now in orange (instead of red).

It seems I would need to drop to 225 lbs. to move from being “Obese” to just being “Overweight“. And just so you know, I would also need to hit 190 lbs. to fall in the “Ideal Weight” range.  I don’t think I weighed that little since grade three lol.

Oh yeah, 1 more thing.  I got the ok from the doctor to drop one of my blood pressure medications. This means in the last 4 weeks I’ve been able to drop from a total of 56 pills / week to 21.  That’s a drop of 35 pills per week (for both high blood pressure and diabetes). It is conceivable that if I lose enough, I could actually be off of all medications 🙂

May 27, 2016

Weight: 274 BMI: 35.18

Total Weight Loss: 29 pounds

I could have swore my scale said 272 for a sec, but alas, still at 274.

BradycardiaI went to see my doctor today. He’s very happy with what he sees. In fact he suggested I drop to just two metformin (1/4 my previous dosage) per day and drop the hydrochlorothiazide altogether.  He sent me for an ECG (just completed) to see why my pulse rate is so slow. The doctor says it is possible that I have bradycardia, something I believe my father had. I hope not as he had a pacemaker the last 20 years or so of his life. But, I guess if this is what I’ll need, then so be it. Better to be alive 🙂

However, he also said this could just be  result of my change in diet, weight and medications.  The clinic said they would fax the results to my doctor today and the doctor suggested that if there was any cause for concern, that he would call me for a follow-up

OK, it’s 1:30 pm and I just had a successful (partly anyway) coffee enema 🙂  Feeling even lighter – I may do this a few more days to see what flushes out.  Seems I had a cheeseburger back in ’78.

May 26, 2016

Weight: 274 BMI: 35.18

Total Weight Loss: 29 pounds

StarbuttsToday’s the day.  Two cups of coffee already brewed and standing by at room temperature. Yup, I can’t stand it any more. It’s time for the coffee enema. Be afraid everyone – be very afraid!

Well, that was disappointing.  I tried a 2-cup coffee enema.  Maybe 1/2 cup went inside, the rest refused to leave the enema bag.  I guess I’m plugged worse than thought.  Oh well, that 1/2 cup did help to remove some waste and from what I read today, this is common if really backed up. Suggestions are that I try a little more each day as this will slowly “erode” the blockage and soon I should be able to hold in the whole enema bag.  Yikes.

Tomorrow morning I see my doctor regarding my consistently low pulse rate (45-60 bpm). I’m hoping it’s nothing serious.  Maybe I just need to reduce my blood pressure medication?

May 25, 2016

Weight: 275 BMI: 35.31

Total Weight Loss: 28 pounds

constipation_kid_cartoonNot sure what to think about this constipation thing. I’ve been using this “Herb Cocktail Colon Cleanse” for 5 days now, with the last 4 days doubling up to twice the regular amount.  I had two small movements several days ago, but nothing since.  I can hear all kinds of gurgling going on, but when I sit, major disappointment.

I may need to talk to my doctor again. I know he’ll prescribe some new chemical which I am not crazy to try since I’ve been working so hard to only introduce healthy stuff.

But then again, I don’t know what to expect?  I mean, I haven’t had any solid foods for almost a month now.  There must be some fibre that I ingest, but what should I be expecting?

I guess it’s time to ask on the reboot forum and see f I can get some enlightenment there.  Stay tuned.

Later that same day….OK, I just found this article which makes me feel a bit better. If still no joy by tomorrow, I’m going to try the coffee enema which should clean up a lot of the “old” stuff. TMI?  LOL

May 23, 2016

Weight: 275 BMI: 35.31

Total Weight Loss: 28 pounds

juice rebootWell, I lost another pound lol.  This after being stuck at 276 for 4 days.  May have something to do with the fact that I had two small “movements” yesterday and the day before.  I’m still waiting for the larger, sure to be seismic event.

My sister who has lost a lot of weight explained to me that having these “plateaus” are not uncommon and that she experienced the same thing a few times in her journey.  She’s my inspiration 🙂

This afternoon I am off to  a barbecue with several friends.  Water and juices are packed. I know it will be a bit of a challenge with everyone eating some of my favorite foods, but I feel strong.  Besides, if I tried to eat a burger after almost a month of only juices, I’d probably have a coronary lol.