June 24, 2016

Weight: 253 BMI: 32.48

Total Weight Loss: 50 pounds

kale - juice rebootStill stuck at 253 pounds. 6 days left. 3 pounds to go. Can I do it?  of course I can !

On a different note, a few weeks ago I bought some kale seeds. I watched them poke their heads through in the seed trays within a week. Yesterday, I planted then=m in pots outsider (I live in a condo, so on my balcony). They look healthy – all we need now is some sunshine!  I didn’t know this, but apparently in the west part of Canada (Vancouver Island) we can grow kale and spinach almost all year round!  I’m so looking forward to having my own produce.  I’m 63 years old and this is my first vegetable garden 🙂

I’ll post more pictures throughout the summer so you too can watch my kale grow!  Pretty exciting huh?

June 23, 2016

Weight: 253 BMI: 32.48

Total Weight Loss: 50 pounds

juice reboot transitionStalled again for another day.  I’m getting excited as the end date is getting closer and closer 🙂  A week from today is my last day – July 1st is my first day of transitioning. So, this weekend I will be preparing my menu plan for the first week. I’m planning to make a batch of juices as I still want to do one or two juices a day. I plan to introduce a basic soup my first day, maybe with a few berries.  Day two maybe introduce a nice salad.

Once I have a few days under my belt (no pun intended), I want to slowly add some nuts and grains.

June 22, 2016

Weight: 253 BMI: 32.48

Total Weight Loss: 50 pounds

50 pounds weight loss juice rebootWhoo hoo!  I just lost 50 pounds 🙂 Only 3 more pounds to go (in the next 8 days) to reach my goal of weighing 250 pounds 🙂

I must admit that there were times I felt like giving up. When I first started, the first few days to a week were tough as I felt hungry quite often. One thing that helped me through this was the knowledge that we, in North America, have the “CHOICE” to eat more or eat less. Many millions of people in the word do not have that choice. Many go hungry everyday. It makes my “suffering” a little less of an issue.

Then there were the times where I would plateau and even gain a pound back. Even though I knew this was common and probably would happen, it was discouraging to see the weight go up and not down.


June 21, 2016

Weight: 255 BMI: 32.74

Total Weight Loss: 48 pounds

Could this be it?  Am I finally coming out of my latest plateau? Lost 2 more pounds since yesterday.  Only 5 more to go to reach my goal of 250 pounds – a loss of 53 pounds 🙂  I am now down 48 pounds!

paprikaI found this really cool app for my iPhone and my iPad. It’s called “Paprika Recipe Management“.  It’s worth checking out (No, I don’t make any money promoting this lol).

Some really nice features:

  1. It allows you to save recipes to your app. Even when you are on other websites (using their built-in browser). For example, you can search for a recipe on the reboot website, once it finds it you can save it to your app
  2. Once you have saved a recipe, or entered your own manually, you can generate a shopping list. Since I have this on both my iPad and iPhone, I enter my recipes on the iPad and when I go shopping I take my iPhone and have the shopping list handy (sorted by aisle).
  3. Once you have some recipes saved, you can also add them to a built-in meal planner / calendar.
  4. Oh yeah…when a recipe within the app shows a time (for example: simmer for 45 minutes), you simply click on the time and the Apple timer pops up!

Pretty cool app.

June 19, 2016

Weight: 257 BMI: 33.00

Total Weight Loss: 46 pounds

Well, entering week 8 today and I’m stuck in another plateau! June 14, 15 & 16 I weighed the same at 257, then on the 17th I dropped to 256 and then last two days back at 257.  It’s like my body knows I want to hit 250 by the end of the month and it’s mocking me :(.

juice fast plateauBut, I will persevere and I will reach my goal, even if I have to start cutting off body parts lol