June 9, 2016

Weight: 261 BMI: 33.51

Total Weight Loss: 42 pounds

weight loss plateau

Another 2 pounds gone 🙂  21 more days to go and another 11 pounds to reach my goal of 53 pounds lost. Why 53?  Well, I started out at 303 pounds and after my reboot I hope to be at 250 pounds.  Looks like it will be close, as long as I don’t have too many more plateaus 🙂

As I mentioned in previous posts, I hope to transition to a plant-based diet after the end of this month. I hope to continue losing more weight by doing this with the ultimate, long-term goal of reaching 220 to 225.

I tell my story to many people as I’m out and about.usually when they see me leaving with a rather large pile of kale, cucumbers and other veggies / fruit. Most find it quite interesting and want to know more, others think I’m a quack lol.  One guy today told me that whisky and vodka are his vegetables. But then again, they are both made from plants, so they may have something there 🙂

Most people ask me if I’m ever tempted to quit?  The answer is yes, almost ever day or two. It’s certainly easier now than it was the first week / 10 days, but sometimes the aromas emanating from neigbours or nearby restaurants cooking almost drive me mad.  I usually use this time to take my dog for a walk.

Speaking of my dog…lately he doesn’t want to walk as often as I do. It used to be that if I mention the”w” word, he’s down the stairs even before I can finish saying it.  Now, I go downstairs and he stays at the top step, looking at me like “are you crazy? We just walked an hour ago”. Maybe I over-walk him, but I don’t think so.

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