June 8, 2016

Weight: 263 BMI: 33.77

Total Weight Loss: 40 pounds

Another “break though” day 🙂  I a now down a total of 40 pounds (18.14 kg). Since I started at 303 and my goal is 250 (for now), I hope to lose another 13 pounds (almost 6 kg) by the end of this month.

juice rebootAs I mentioned in an earlier post or two, I hop to transition to a “plant-based” diet when I slowly come off the juice reboot. In anticipation of this I have started looking at the various recipes so I can have a meal plan in place.  Looking at all these pictures makes me wish the end of the month was sooner as I salivate over these great looking meals lol.

A bit cooler today.  Seems like a nice day to take a 10 km walk with Bailey.

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