June 5, 2016

Weight: 265 BMI: 34.02

Total Weight Loss: 38 pounds

And just like that, I lose 4 pounds in one day!  Well, maybe not “just like that” 🙂 When I read this article, one thing stood out to me:

Increase your juices and whole foods. Taking in too few calories can slow your metabolism down, but increasing your nutrients and calories may give the metabolism that extra kick that it may need.Your body can adjust to your new eating and calorie intake after a few weeks to a few months so you can shake it up a little and have a few days where you increase your intake. This is called calorie recycling or zigzagging when you increase consumption for a day then reduce again for 4-5 days to avoid the starvation mode.

Juice rebootI thought I was doing “better” by eating / drinking a little less…thinking less food will help with weight loss, right?  Wrong!  So, back up to 5 or 6 juices, instead of just 4 per day.

This is the beginning of week six, and just 15 more pounds to go to hit my target of 250 – that will be a total loss of 53 pounds 🙂

One thought on “June 5, 2016”

  1. Just read through all your posts! What an amazing journey and discipline. Way to go! Although weight isn’t my issue so much, a new job and other commitment mean I need to be at my best and energized. Instead ended up sick this week. So having seen your Facebook posts I dusted off my juicer and did my first juicing in a couple years. Thanks for the inspiration!

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