June 24, 2016

Weight: 253 BMI: 32.48

Total Weight Loss: 50 pounds

kale - juice rebootStill stuck at 253 pounds. 6 days left. 3 pounds to go. Can I do it?  of course I can !

On a different note, a few weeks ago I bought some kale seeds. I watched them poke their heads through in the seed trays within a week. Yesterday, I planted then=m in pots outsider (I live in a condo, so on my balcony). They look healthy – all we need now is some sunshine!  I didn’t know this, but apparently in the west part of Canada (Vancouver Island) we can grow kale and spinach almost all year round!  I’m so looking forward to having my own produce.  I’m 63 years old and this is my first vegetable garden 🙂

I’ll post more pictures throughout the summer so you too can watch my kale grow!  Pretty exciting huh?

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