June 22, 2016

Weight: 253 BMI: 32.48

Total Weight Loss: 50 pounds

50 pounds weight loss juice rebootWhoo hoo!  I just lost 50 pounds 🙂 Only 3 more pounds to go (in the next 8 days) to reach my goal of weighing 250 pounds 🙂

I must admit that there were times I felt like giving up. When I first started, the first few days to a week were tough as I felt hungry quite often. One thing that helped me through this was the knowledge that we, in North America, have the “CHOICE” to eat more or eat less. Many millions of people in the word do not have that choice. Many go hungry everyday. It makes my “suffering” a little less of an issue.

Then there were the times where I would plateau and even gain a pound back. Even though I knew this was common and probably would happen, it was discouraging to see the weight go up and not down.


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