June 21, 2016

Weight: 255 BMI: 32.74

Total Weight Loss: 48 pounds

Could this be it?  Am I finally coming out of my latest plateau? Lost 2 more pounds since yesterday.  Only 5 more to go to reach my goal of 250 pounds – a loss of 53 pounds 🙂  I am now down 48 pounds!

paprikaI found this really cool app for my iPhone and my iPad. It’s called “Paprika Recipe Management“.  It’s worth checking out (No, I don’t make any money promoting this lol).

Some really nice features:

  1. It allows you to save recipes to your app. Even when you are on other websites (using their built-in browser). For example, you can search for a recipe on the reboot website, once it finds it you can save it to your app
  2. Once you have saved a recipe, or entered your own manually, you can generate a shopping list. Since I have this on both my iPad and iPhone, I enter my recipes on the iPad and when I go shopping I take my iPhone and have the shopping list handy (sorted by aisle).
  3. Once you have some recipes saved, you can also add them to a built-in meal planner / calendar.
  4. Oh yeah…when a recipe within the app shows a time (for example: simmer for 45 minutes), you simply click on the time and the Apple timer pops up!

Pretty cool app.

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