June 1, 2016

Weight: 269 BMI: 34.54

Total Weight Loss: 34 pounds

plant based dietOK, no weight loss again today.  This is day one of my second month and only 30 more days to go! I just received a book I ordered on line to try and help prepare me for when I do transition again to solid foods.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I was hoping to maintain by going on a plant based diet. So, I bought the book “Plant-Based Diet For Dummies“.

I was out shopping today and decided to switch things up a a bit. I’m always looking for good deals on kale, but today I thought I’d try a batch with swiss chard.  I’ll let you know how this goes.

2 thoughts on “June 1, 2016”

    1. Thanks Pat – I think next year I will take up vertical gardening for sure. This year I have too many flowers and such 🙂

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