May 9, 2016

Weight 284 BMI: 36.46

Total weight loss: 19 pounds

weight loss through juicingOk, a new day.  No weight loss this morning, but again, no bowel movement for a week. I’m guessing once that happens, weight will again drop.

I’m finally seeing my doctor today as well. I’ve been documenting my blood sugar levels along with my blood pressure and have charted everything for him to see.  he may not be too pleased that I have been self-medicating (reducing my diabetes meds), but we’ll see.  Overall I’m very happy with my progress 🙂

Well, the doctor was happy with what he saw but did have some questions about my caloric and protein intake.  I found some information on the “Reboot” App which suggests the following per every two mean green juices:

  • Calories = 251
  • Proteins = 6 g
  • Carbs = 54 g
  • Fat = 1 g
  • Saturated fat = 0 g
  • Fiber = 2 g
  • Sugar = 30 g
  • Salt = 128 mg

So, having 6 juices per day suggests that I am having 753 calories and 18 g protein. With the protein drink at night (16 g), that totals 34 g of protein each day.  That works 🙂

6 thoughts on “May 9, 2016”

    1. The doc was really pleased with the results. A bit concerned if I am getting enough proteins, but we’re monitoring that. My iron levels are back to normal ( finally ), my blood sugars are normal as well as my blood pressure. Thanks for your on-going support sis 🙂

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