May 8, 2016

Weight 284 BMI: 36.46

Total weight loss: 19 pounds

Juice fastHappy Mothers Day to all the mothers out there.

A cooler, windy but sunny day again today.  I was hoping to reach 20 pounds my first week, but 19 is pretty darn close 🙂  I had an amazing sleep – 9 hours which is something I haven’t had in several years.

Since Christmas I have been suffering with bursitis in both shoulders. For those who might not know, bursitis is inflammation on the bursa (a fluid filled sac between bone and muscle). Since inflammation can be caused (or aggravated) by a poor diet, I was hoping this reboot may alleviate some of that pain.  Having the shoulders affected meant it was difficult to sleep on either side, leaving my back as an only option. It may be too early to tell, but I think I am seeing an improvement!  I’ll keep you all in the loop as time progresses.

Off to drink my first juice of the day.

It’s now 2 pm.  I decided to time myself so see how long it takes me to prepare my juices (6 of them) for the day. From the start, washing and laying out, then cutting some of the fruits and veggies, to juicing them and the cleanup afterwards is pretty much exactly 1 hour.  Not too bad considering these are my meals for the whole day 🙂

Having a weird sensation today. For some reason I feel like I’m stoned today lol.  I swear, I didn’t smoke anything (today), but it feels like I did? Weird, but pleasant 🙂

Nite time…all in all a pretty good day.

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