May 7, 2016

Weight: 285 BMI: 36.59

Saturday morning and another beautiful day here.  It’s weird how one day I can lose 3 or 4 lbs. and the next day only 1 lb., while doing the same thing. I’m feeling really good this morning, clear headed and a lot of energy.

Juice rebootFor about 20 years now I’ve had a friend stop by on Friday nights, both of us indulging in some drink and often waking up Saturday mornings feeling a bit under the weather.  I think my liver is thanking me this week 🙂

I have a history of chronic constipation and IBS prior to going on this juice fast. The first few days I’ve had movements, but nothing for the last 4 days again, although from the rumblings I’m hearing, I may be in for some joy today.  (TMI?). I’ve read on Joe’s website that constipation, especially in the beginning, is not unusual.  Had an interesting read on the differences between soluble and insoluble fibres.

9 pm…I couldn’t resist – I had a tablespoon of peanut butter….wow..that tasted too good lol.

Midnight and so ends another day and week one is complete 🙂  As of this morning I had lost 18 lbs. in one week. Not too shabby.  I also enjoyed some coconut water this evening, but now it’s off to bed.  Nite.

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