May 30, 2016

Weight: 269 BMI: 34.54

Total Weight Loss: 34 pounds

And yet one more milestone.  I love when I break through another 10 pound mark.  Today I fell just below 270. weighing in at 269. I know the “experts” say you shouldn’t weigh yourself each day – screw that – I love to watch my progress 🙂

pineapple juice rebootYesterday I found a great deal on fresh pineapples so I bought two of them. So, I made a batch of “mean green juice”, but instead 0f the green apples, I used 1/8 of a pineapple per juice. Pineapple is supposed to be good for inflammation, so maybe this will help a bit with my shoulder bursitis. I made a large batch yesterday, giving me 12 juices. Today I want to make a (smaller) batch of the turmeric / celery / apple / ginger drink. Turmeric is also supposed to be a great thing for inflammation along with many other benefits.

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