May 28, 2016

Weight: 271 BMI: 34.79

Total Weight Loss: 32 pounds

A couple of big milestones today!

First of all, I just dropped 3 lbs. in one day. Why? Two possible reasons.

  1. I drank a lot more water than usual yesterday. I don’t know why it’s so hard to remember to drink a lot of water, but I really need to pay attention to this.
  2. Yesterday I also had a (more) successful coffee enema.

Today I resolve to do the same 🙂

Another milestone. Reaching 271 lbs. puts me at the same weight I was exactly 10 years ago. That is when I visited the Philippines the first time. Of course I was still over-weight at that time.

And finally, the other milestone.  Losing weight of course drops the BMI (Body Mass Index) and today I moved from being “Severely Obese” to just being “Obese“. It’s hard to type these words about yourself, but who am I kidding? I’ve been a fat pig most of my adult life, but I’m now headed in the right direction 🙂  The BMI change occurred when I went below 35, as indicated now in orange (instead of red).

It seems I would need to drop to 225 lbs. to move from being “Obese” to just being “Overweight“. And just so you know, I would also need to hit 190 lbs. to fall in the “Ideal Weight” range.  I don’t think I weighed that little since grade three lol.

Oh yeah, 1 more thing.  I got the ok from the doctor to drop one of my blood pressure medications. This means in the last 4 weeks I’ve been able to drop from a total of 56 pills / week to 21.  That’s a drop of 35 pills per week (for both high blood pressure and diabetes). It is conceivable that if I lose enough, I could actually be off of all medications 🙂

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