May 26, 2016

Weight: 274 BMI: 35.18

Total Weight Loss: 29 pounds

StarbuttsToday’s the day.  Two cups of coffee already brewed and standing by at room temperature. Yup, I can’t stand it any more. It’s time for the coffee enema. Be afraid everyone – be very afraid!

Well, that was disappointing.  I tried a 2-cup coffee enema.  Maybe 1/2 cup went inside, the rest refused to leave the enema bag.  I guess I’m plugged worse than thought.  Oh well, that 1/2 cup did help to remove some waste and from what I read today, this is common if really backed up. Suggestions are that I try a little more each day as this will slowly “erode” the blockage and soon I should be able to hold in the whole enema bag.  Yikes.

Tomorrow morning I see my doctor regarding my consistently low pulse rate (45-60 bpm). I’m hoping it’s nothing serious.  Maybe I just need to reduce my blood pressure medication?

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