May 25, 2016

Weight: 275 BMI: 35.31

Total Weight Loss: 28 pounds

constipation_kid_cartoonNot sure what to think about this constipation thing. I’ve been using this “Herb Cocktail Colon Cleanse” for 5 days now, with the last 4 days doubling up to twice the regular amount.  I had two small movements several days ago, but nothing since.  I can hear all kinds of gurgling going on, but when I sit, major disappointment.

I may need to talk to my doctor again. I know he’ll prescribe some new chemical which I am not crazy to try since I’ve been working so hard to only introduce healthy stuff.

But then again, I don’t know what to expect?  I mean, I haven’t had any solid foods for almost a month now.  There must be some fibre that I ingest, but what should I be expecting?

I guess it’s time to ask on the reboot forum and see f I can get some enlightenment there.  Stay tuned.

Later that same day….OK, I just found this article which makes me feel a bit better. If still no joy by tomorrow, I’m going to try the coffee enema which should clean up a lot of the “old” stuff. TMI?  LOL

3 thoughts on “May 25, 2016”

  1. I have done the enema before, 2 things to remember, be very close to the toilet, and strap in, things are gunna get rough for a few minutes. Sad thing is that very little will come out as far as “solid”, you may be disappointed.

    1. Thanks Rodney 🙂 I’m not so much worried whether it’s solid or not. More want to get the food from 1977 outta there lol.

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