May 19, 2016

Weight: 276 BMI: 35.44

Total Weight Loss: 27 pounds

Juice fastingHi everyone (anyone?). Thursday morning here and I’m feeling great.  I have a little bit of a concern regarding my heart rate. When i test my blood glucose and my blood pressure, I also test my resting heart rate.  I’ve been testing since I started this juicing and I’ve noticed my rate is always below 60. This morning it was at 49.  What I’ve read is that this is great if I’m an athlete, which I’m not. I then found this article about a disease called brachycardia which is all about having a low heart rate.  This made me think of my late father who had a pacemaker for the last 20 years or so of his life, due to a low heart rate. Apparently this is also hereditary.

I spoke with my cousin, a nurse, who assures me that since my bp seems normal, not to worry too much about it. Especially since I’ve had a huge change in diet. I have an appointment for next week Friday with my doctor – I guess I’ll see what he has to say. This might also mean I can lower my blood pressure medication.

3 thoughts on “May 19, 2016”

  1. Hope all is well my friend, I am sure you are fine. I have been following you since day 1 and thank you for being my motivation. I started 3 days ago and am down 7.5 lbs. Also I have noticed my face clear up quite a bit. For some reason I am experiencing some sort of late adulthood acne, in the last 3 days I can see a significant improvement in my skin and am looking forward to what the next couple of weeks bring.

    One thought I had though, you mentioned not having any bowel movements for nearly 2 weeks. I figure that is from lack of fiber/food in your diet. You are taking in straight liquids and urinating it out. Are you juicing with fiber in or fiber out?

    Cheers buds!

  2. Wow…that is so awesome Rodney! Way to go 🙂 I am juicing with the fibre out…the fibre in would be more like a smoothie I think. I like this way much better as I find the taste quite good 🙂 What way are you juicing? How long do you plan / hope to go for? You might be right about me urinating it all out, but there’s gotta be some fibre, even if only minuscule.

    I feel one coming on though, so fingers crossed lol.

    Hey, call anytime and you know I’m here for support anytime you need buddy!

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