May 16, 2016

Weight: 279 BMI: 35.82

Total Weight Loss: 23 pounds

juice high energyGood morning everyone. It continues to amaze me that my energy levels are so high.  I was always a night person, staying up until 12 midnight, 1 or 2 am and then having a hard time getting out of bed before 8 or 9 am. Since starting this reboot, I’ve been going to bed 11 pm or 11:30, sometimes as late as midnight, and usually bouncing out of bed at 7:30 am or even earlier!

Today my friend Laura will be bringing over the bowl cleanse product. I’m quite exited to try this and hope I finally get some relief.  I’ve added two boiled eggs to my morning in an effort to boost my protein levels. Weight stayed the same today, but if the trend continues, I will be down another 1 or 2 lbs. tomorrow.

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