May 11, 2016

Weight: 282 BMI: 36.21

Total Weight Loss: 21 pounds

Day 11 here. A bit of a rough day yesterday, but I made it!  Had a great sleep last night and I have a fridge full of juices to last me for two days. More time for walking 🙂

Juice dietA friend of mine on Facebook suggested a product called “Herb Cocktail Colon Cleanse” available at Avena Originals. Since this is outside Nanaimo and since he will near my place on Monday, she graciously offered to drop off a bottle for me 🙂  Thanks Laura!  I’m hoping this will get things moving again.

Well, day 11 is drawing to a close. This day was much better than yesterday was, where I was feeling so hungry. I think the problem was that I allowed myself to get hungry earlier in the day and never really caught up.

Prior to this juice reboot, I had a bad habit…well, quite a few bad habits actually. One of them was having two cups of coffee in the morning, along with some breakfast. I would then start my work day and often wouldn’t think of eating (or drinking) the rest of the day, until about 5 pm when I became famished. I would then wolf down a large meal and later realize the last thing I drank was the coffee in the morning.

Yesterday I did something similar. I had my breakfast (mean green juice) and then went to work. I felt hunger pangs but ignored them as I was trying to finish a project. By mid-afternoon I was famished so had two juices (see the pattern?).

But, that was yesterday. Today, armed with about 12 pre-made juices I ensured that I had a juice about every 2 – 2 1/2 hours. Then in the evening I had my protein shake. As well, in between each juice I made sure to drink almost a liter of water, so I was well hydrated today lol. Oh yeah…a few glasses of coconut water interspersed throughout the day.

To top it off, went on a nice walk with the dog – about 6 km ( that’s about 4 miles for you ‘mericans 🙂 )

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