May 4, 2016

Weight: 290 BMI: 37.23

Down a total of 13 lbs.

Obese man needing juice fastI guess when my BMI goes below 35, I’ll move from “Very Severely Obese” to only be “Severely Obese”.

I met someone today from Nanaimo, also on the Reboot with Joe forum. It’s kind of nice to meet someone from my own town.  I may have scared her off though when I suggested we meet and maybe do a walk together.  I hope she does come around and feel ok about that.  Support while doing this is so very important.

My poor toilet has never been worked so hard lol. Im doing the green juice (kale, cucumber, celery, lemon, apple and ginger) 3 times a day and needing to restock on veggies / fruit every two days. I’m wondering about buying some in cases (maybe the kale and apples?), but I’m not sure how long it would keep without refrigeration. Someone suggested freezing the kale – might do that as well.

The hunger pangs seem to be easing off a little. I’m still having the occasional headache, but some deep breathing exercises and some mindful meditation really helps. The walks also help to clear the head.

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