May 3, 2016

Weight: 294 BMI: 37.7

Wow…only my third day and I’m down 9 lbs.

Day 3 started out better, but I’m starving right now. Only so much water a person can drink lol. Hoping tomorrow offers some relief.

I hope my puppy stays clear of me as I’m starting to picture him on a rotisserie.

Testiing diabetes while juicingI had a bit of a scare this evening.  Since I have type 2 diabetes and since I am taking medication, I decided I would check my blood glucose levels. Normal is 5-10 mmol/L and I dropped to a very low 2 mmol/L  I quickly took a couple of sugar cubes to bring things back within range and by bedtime I was back up to 3.7 mmol/L.

I should state here that Joe does mention (quite often) that you should see a doctor BEFORE starting a juice reboot.  I had called to make an appointment, however am not able to get in to see him until May 8th. I didn’t want to put this off anymore as I was finally psyched to do this, so I went ahead anyways.  I would NOT recommend this.  Scared the crap out of me.   I will now test my blood sugars before and after each meal and will adjust my medications accordingly.

I think my doctor might not be too happy when I tell him this 🙁

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