May 13, 2016

Weight: 280 BMI: 35.95

Total Weight Loss: 23 pounds

Juice fast

Friday the 13th huh?  No fear!  Pretty excited to see another 2 lbs. of fat leave my body. In the next day or two I should be under 280 with a new goal of reaching 270 within the next week to week and a half.  When i reach that goal of 270, I’ll be the same weight I was 10 years ago…and it will only get better 🙂

Another beautiful day here on Vancouver Island, BC. I have a client meeting this morning, then off to buy some more liquid sunshine.  Then a nice long walk with my dog.  I love the energy I’m feeling!

And so ends yet another day.  I’m feeling OK, except I haven’t had a bowel movement in almost 2 weeks.  My guys feel in a turmoil, as if there is tension in my stomach.  I am so looking forward to Laura’s visit on Monday with that “Herb Cocktail Colon Cleanse” (available at Avena Originals ). She assures me that this will get things moving again….I sure hope so.

Aside from the stomach / bowels not feeling right, I feel amazing.  My friend Al commented that he could see the difference in me, not only physically, but also in the way I was walking faster and without breathing as hard.

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