May 17, 2016

Weight: 277 BMI: 35.56

Total Weight Loss: 25 pounds

Hit the magic 25 lbs. today – next goal is 30 which may happen this weekend!  Feeling great and just juiced another batch.  I have enough for 2 days which is good as I am in Victoria for the day tomorrow and wanted to take several mason jars with me in the cooler.

yoga2In about 1 hour I start my first yoga class.  Nervous about this as my last attempt was a disaster after I cleared the room with a rather noxious fart. Wish me luck.  Actually, wish the class luck lol.

4 thoughts on “May 17, 2016”

  1. Abe, you make me laugh. Hope your yoga class went well.Just don’t get to tangled up… love you <3

    1. Thanks sis – love you too! It went quite well 🙂 Already looking forward to my next class – wow am I ever inflexible.

  2. Haha cheers from France! I found your website today as I’m also starting a reebot 🙂 I love it ! and you made me laugh, which is enough to follow you every day :*

    1. Thanks Laura! Welcome and thank you for your kind words 🙂 Best of luck on your reboot! It is so worth it, but I won’t kid you…the first few days will make you question…but hang in there!

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