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Hi, and welcome to my ketogenic journey. This is my second attempt at this and I’m very motivated this time around. Please see below a blog of my experiences, where I hope to publish daily what I feel, what I ate, and my starting weight for each day.

August 11, 2018

Day 5.   Weight: 308 lbs or 139.7 kg (no change today) Total weight loss: 8 lbs or 3.63 kg Meals: Breakfast: 3 large eggs 3 bacon strips 1 tbsp Butter 2 cups coffee 2 tbsp. Whipping cream Lunch: 3 boiled eggs Supper: Total for the day: Calories: Protein: Net Carbs:...

August 10, 2018

Day 4.  Very happy with the weight loss so far.  8 pounds in 4 days 🙂  I knew this rapid loss would happen the first week or two, so I know this won’t continue at this rate.  I also was reminded of why I need potassium supplements.  It’s very common for those on a keto diet to experience leg cramps due to low potassium levels.  So, today I’m off to buy supplements.

August 9, 2018

Day 3.  Feeling pretty good about the 4 pounds in just two days 🙂  I know in the beginning it comes of quickly and then slows down after a week or two. Feeling positive though.  Today I need to work on keeping the proteins down a bit and increasing the fat a little.

August 8, 2018

Day 2.  Last night wasn’t as bad as I thought…but I was still a bit high on my carbs.  Another hot day here (33C) so I’m glad I planned ahead and bought groceries before this heat wave.  That’s one off the big things in any kind of diet – plan ahead so you always have the right kinds of food on hand.

August 7, 2018 – Day One

Day One.  Feeling pretty optimistic and determined.  I know the first few days might be tough with feeling hungry at times.  I plan to drink a lot of water to help combat the hunger, but I may be going to bed tonight feeling hungry.  I guess this is payback for the way I’ve been eating these last few months.  I know I’m an emotional eater, so I know I need to keep myself busy. Here we go…wheeee

8 pounds or 3.6kg.

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